If you're moving equipment do it safely.

Wesco StairKing

Heavy lifting is a major cause of injury in the workplace.

stairkingbEach Wesco StairKing Motorized Stair Climbing Hand Truck is supplied complete with:

  • 385kgs lifting capacity
  • 12 volt, 17 amp hr sealed gel battery
  • automatic battery charger
  • lightweight alloy frame with all welded I-beam construction
  • positive ratchet mechanism with auto-rewind
  • 3.6 metre Auto-Rewind Ratchet Cargo Securing belt
  • NE-30 Steel Nose Extension
  • latest model ZSWK clip-on Superwheel unit


Wesco StairKing automatically takes different heights of steps in its stride adjusting to the steps you are climbing. It will climb steps with a maximum rise of up to 280mm or it will take that heavy load as easily over a 10mm lip. The operator doesn’t have to make any adjustment. It is interesting to note that the StairKing climbs a tall step in the same time that it climbs a short step, that’s because the lifting feet on the StairKing have to come around until they find a short step. Besides climbing steps, by using the Superwheel attachment, you can toggle a heavy load over say a large uneven crack in a sidewalk simply by tilting the load backwards and putting the front wheels onto the other side and toggling the unit forwards. It lifts the wheel up and “hops” it over the edge. Because the lifting feet on the StairKing push straight down onto the step with a vertical thrust (see picture on above), it can climb almost any type of step surface. You can climb waxed wood, carpet and wet tile with equal ease. The StairKing can even climb a slippery Teflon, or even an Ice step.

Model Part Weight Capacity Width Height Depth
DC-66 230051 45kgs 385kgs 48cm 168cm 38cm
DC-72 230052 46kgs 385kgs 48cm 183cm 38cm


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