Palfinger/Eagle Lift

Want to carry more than just passengers? 


To load and lift with ease nothing beats an Eagle tail lifter.

*Eagle Lift Gates feature:

  • Quick-release sure-hold safety locks keep gate secured in stored position.
  • Easy up/down toggle control switch.
  • Standard 9″ Fold-out (shown below).
  • Designed to accept a receiver type hitch for towing.
  • Power cut-off system can be integrated with vehicle remote locking.
  • 150 amp circuit breaker included.crewman_half
  • Maintenance-free oil impregnated bronze bushings at all arm pivot points.
  • Heavy-duty electrical hydraulic pump with built-in relief valve to prevent overload.
  • High-Pressure industrial cylinder with plated shaft. Pump and motor pulley totally enclosed.
  • 1000 Pounds of lift (pictured).
  • Aircraft industry grade galvanized lift cables.
  • ABS plastic platform cover for protection.
  • Can be colour coded to match your vehicle.
  • Drop-away platform dock and forklift loading direct into truck bedcrewman_down

The Eagle 38 model* can easily be fitted on anything from Toyotas, Nissans, Fords and Holdens right through to Chevs and Dodge rams. Check out the dimentions of the 38 series Tail lifter and the 48 series Tail lifter

The entire unit is only 156mm deep, including hydraulics! so can easily be fitted to your Ute and leaves the vehicle intact, so you can use the tail lifter again when you upgrade your vehicle. We’ve been using a tail lifter almost daily since 1993 and consider it a key business asset.


Dimensions of the taillifters


 E38-48/49 1244mm 1181mm 1308mm 1146mm
 E38-54 1397mm 1333mm 1460mm 1298mm
 E38-58/60 1556mm 1492mm 1619mm 1457mm
 E38-64 1667mm 1603mm 1730mm 1568mm
 E38-72 1825mm 1762mm 1886mm 1727mm
 E38-78 2041mm 1978mm 2102mm 1943mm
 E38-86 2181mm 2118mm 2241mm 2083mm


E48-64 1.67m 1.6m 1.72m
E48-72 1.83m 1.76m 1.89m
E48/50-78 2.05m 1.98m 2.1m
E48/50-86 2.17m 2.12m 2.24m
E48/50-91 2.3m 2.23m 2.36m

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