Heavy lifting is a major cause of injury in the workplace.


From heavy printer and photocopiers through to drinks dispensers and gaming machines – with the LIFTKAR HD you can easily handle transport problems reliably and quickly. The Sano powered stairclimber is ideal for use in transport and logistics companies, retail, trade and industry.

The step edge brake system guarantees the highest level of safety.

LIFTKAR HD Universal

With a rigid non-folding frame for high and heavy loads such as drinks machines and stacks of heavy boxes


Has a Folding frame for compact heavy loads such as cast-iron stoves or copiers

  • Up to 330kg lift capacity
  • Easy to use
  • Modular lightweight construction.
  • Foldable handle or fixed.
  • Step edge braking system.
  • Ergonomic hand grips with non-slip rubber coating.
  • Two climbing speeds
  • Left- and right-handed operators.
  • Two operating modes (single-step mode/continuous mode).
  • Puncture-proof tyres.
  • Step heights up to 22 cm.
  • Optional toe plate extension with 4 swivel castors for easy movement on level ground.


SANO Liftkar SAL Range of Stair climbers can lift either 110kg 140kg or 170kg and can climb stairs at a rate of 35 to 48 steps per minutes.This is ideal for carrying medium loads up and down stairs, the Fold or Fold-Long models with its folding handle is perfect for carrying around in your vehicle. Made from aluminum this stair climber is not only light but strong. The SANO Liftkar SAL Range of Stair climbers  comes complete with 24volt/6.5amp hr battery  and automatic battery charger.


Has a rigid frame for transporting water canisters, drinks crates, beer kegs, stacks of tyres etc.


The Fold or Fold-Long is ideal for transporting white goods on the stairs.

  • Up to 170kg lift capacity
  • extremely lightweight
  • extremely fast – up to 48 steps/minute
  • two speeds:
  • slow / fast
  • intelligent lifting unit starts automatically when going down stairs
  • hinged toe plate mounting – fixed version also available
  • features sliding clutch and electronic overload protection
  • manoeuvrable like a hand truck
  • large pneumatic tyres, puncture-proof available as an alternative
  • second battery pack and in-transit charge for constant 24-hour use
  • high-strength aluminium toe plate
  • extended battery life
  • confident on all stairs, even spiral staircases and landings where space is restricted



HD Uni HD Fold SAL Uni SAL Fold
Height 1615mm 1615mm 1615mm 1615mm
Height folded 1195mm 1195mm
Width 560mm 560mm 560mm 560mm
Depth 485mm 485mm 485mm 485mm
Depth with hinged toe plate 275mm 275mm
Weight 34kg 35kg 16kg 16kg
Weight with battery 38kg 39kg 20kg 20kg
Capacity 330kg 330kg 110kg/140kg/170kg 110kg/140kg/170kg
Max step height 22cm 22cm 21cm 21cm

The LIFTKAR is an investment that pays for itself very quickly. Where you needed somebody, or even two people, to help you in the past, now you can manage on your own – safely, without great effort and much faster.


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LiftKar HD Stair Climbing Truck